Oglander Art Consulting



Building an art collection is an extremely personal endeavor. My role is to educate, guide and assist my clients in shaping an important collection of iconic, contemporary or modern art that reflects each individual client’s taste and personality, and to use my unique access to find them the best and most important artworks available.


– Consultation to determine project objectives and identify any issues that need to be addressed with the current art program. This includes discussion of client’s persona and taste.

– Site visits and meetings with clients, architects and designers to determine suitable areas for artwork, appropriate lighting and discussion on how to integrate the established goals of the art program into the interior design of the space.

– Project strategy, implementation as well as budget assessment to determine appropriate art

– Evaluation of existing artwork for reuse, including reframing or de-accession.

– Sourcing of new fine art options for client acquisition. This includes options for fine art commissions, if requested.

– Scheduling and supervision of all framing, transportation and installation of artwork.

– Artwork inventory database management. A complete inventory is essential for asset management, artwork reassignment and insurance purposes.